Melodies from the Heart: Mihran Kalaydjian

I told y’all a few weeks ago that I was going to be doing things a little differently around here; I’m starting with featuring a musician for the very first time! Allow me to introduce you to Mihran Kalaydjian.


Mihran, affectionately known as ‘Mino’, is an accomplished pianist and composer. Not only is his music absolutely beautiful, but he also has a way with words. Check out what he had to say about playing and composing music for the first time as a young boy in Jerusalem:

It no doubt opened the soft place within me from which the music seems to rise — a place of felt grace and communion, of not being separate. The themes and concepts in psychology and spirituality – and the way in which music helps us open to the deeper truth sometimes held within them — often found their way into my conversations with people. I guess I could say it became my heartbeat.

Anyone with a passion for art, in any form, can relate to the sentiment of Mihran’s musical endeavors. Coming from a place of wanting to positively influence humanity with the work of your hands is something I can totally relate to.

Take a moment to listen to a couple of Mihran’s compositions. He pairs his inspiring performances with breathtakingly beautiful art.

It’s been said that music colors our lives, and I couldn’t agree more. A world without music isn’t one I want to experience. Hans Christian Andersen said, “Where words fail, music speaks.” I think that about sums it up.

Connect with Mihran via any of the links below!

Did you enjoy listening? Are you a fan of contemporary instrumental music? Do you find it relaxing? Do you find that it helps with your own creativity?


24 thoughts on “Melodies from the Heart: Mihran Kalaydjian

  1. Mihran’s music is beautiful. Never heard of him before. Enjoyed these compositions. Thanks for sharing and creating awareness of this musical artist.

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  2. Dearest Faith – I am humbled and gratified by this wonderful tribute. I am speechless and your magic ink is shining like a star.

    •It’s truly excellent
    •It’s sensational
    •It’s fantastic

    You have an elegant, delicate presentation deserve to have its own talk show, I will provide any support to make it successful.

    May God Bless and continue with your elite and excellence!


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