It’s My Blog-a-versary!!!


Woo-hoo! I can’t believe its been one year since I decided that my thoughts and opinions were worthy of needing a public outlet. The time has flown by. My only regret is that I didn’t start blogging sooner. I’m extremely grateful for all of my delightful followers (yes, I’m talking about YOU). I’ve ‘met’ so many wonderful people in the blogging community and I’m looking forward to meeting many more over the next year.

Being that this is a milestone, I took the time to really think about the direction I want this blog to take. I’ve enjoyed posting about writing tips and publishing, as well as books and authors. I’ve been overwhelmed at the positive feedback for my poetry and fiction. I’ll continue to post on those subjects, but if you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you’ve probably noticed that it’s gotten a lot more personal over the last couple of months. I’ve been experimenting with blogging in the style of its original intention, which is as a sort of public diary. Hence, my Confessions of Faith category was born. Over the next year, you can expect lots more of my personal shenanigans. I look forward to letting y’all all up in my business. Close family, friends and random co-workers, you’ve been warned!

I was blessed to officially become a published author this year! Please wait a second while I literally pat myself on the back…ok, I’m done. I’m so proud of my contributions to the BEST ANTHOLOGY EVER! I’m also looking forward to dropping my first solo project this December. Yeah, I kind of like to randomly speak in the rhetoric of an independent music producer. If you’ve read this post, then you totally understand. Anyway, my book, When the Real Thing Comes Along is my debut novel, and since a writer is only as good as their last published book, I’ve got to get started on novel number two asap.

All that means for you is that a) you’ve got an awesome book to look forward to reading and b) I plan to pretty much limit my posts this year to once per week. There’s only so much time in a day and a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do!

Thank you for devoting a few minutes of your time each week to reading my random thoughts and mostly unsolicited advice. I hope you’ve found some inspiration and encouragement here along the way.



BTW, what do you think of my new theme? What would you like to read more about here? Holla at your girl!

This is what I’m singing all day in celebration of one full year of blogging. Giving myself a round of applause!!!



Photo credit: ADoseofShipBoy / Foter / CC BY



20 thoughts on “It’s My Blog-a-versary!!!

  1. Loving the new look, Faith! And SO looking forward to When the Real Thing Comes Along. Can’t wait! And I just have to: “Cabbage Patch looking bangs.” Girl, you slayed me, lol! And I love the direction you’re taking your blog. Follow your gut. But I’m a huge fan of your writing so you could talk about the phone book, honey, and I’m here for it!


  2. Huzzah! ^_^ The new theme is elegant and crisp and easy to navigate, and as for content, you know I love the variety you have so far. Here’s to many more shenanigans!


  3. Congrats, Faith, for all your milestones :). I have been thinking about the once a week route, too. Did you do it because you feel like you’re spending too much time blogging? I’m still unsure what I want to do, but I do feel I spend a lot of time blogging–good or bad use of time, I don’t know.


    • Thanks Luanne. Yep, I’m moving to once a week posts (after this week) because I spend a lot more time blogging than I do writing. It was fine when I was just doing re-writes and edits for my debut novel, but now that it’s time to write novel number two, I need to scale back the blogging. Not to mention I’ll be spending more time on marketing and promotions over the next few months. It’s all new to me, so I have to do a lot of marketing research. I’m already behind because I just learned that most authors are halfway through writing their next book, when the one prior is first published.

      I love reading your blog, but I’m also looking forward to reading your memoir! I think its all about balance. I’ve noticed that a lot of authors only update their blog once a week or even just once per month! I think that as long as you’re consistent in whatever you decide, blog readers remain loyal. A pet peeve of mine is when authors promote their webpage and NEVER update it. I’m talking last post dated 2011! I’m like, why even pay for the domain renewal, sheesh.


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