Book Review: The Beautiful Disruption

One day while perusing one of my favorite blogs (about hair of all things, shout out to I came across a beautiful post that blew my mind. The writing was so lyrical and haunting that I immediately had to find out who the author was so that I could buy their book. The book is entitled The Beautiful Disruption: A Soul Story written by GG Renee Hill.

The Beautiful Disruption

It’s difficult to categorize this book into a particular genre, which is why I chose not to write this post in my typical book review format. Some might quantify it as a self-help book, other’s might say it’s a short story. Some might say it’s a compilation or diary style book. To me it is all of the above. The Beautiful Disruption: A Soul Story is a mixture of sage advice, personal observations and a woven tapestry of one woman’s process of recovery after discovering that her lover was unfaithful.

Here are a just a few random quotes that resonated with me:

“We can’t change the stories of defeat we tell ourselves without first embracing our underground, our secrets, the very source of these stories.”  

“This won’t be the last time she has to disappoint someone to avoid betraying herself.”

“Women form a wall of solidarity–a force field of love and pain and protection.” 

If you’re in a reflective mood, I highly recommend The Beautiful Disruption: A Soul Story. It’s a creative venture that promotes soul exploration. I’m  placing it firmly in my “things that make you go mmmhhhh” category. That’s a high honor for me. I enjoy anything that causes me to think and self reflect. If you want to learn more about the author check out her blog,

What’s the last book you read that prompted self reflection? Tell us about it in the comments below!


4 thoughts on “Book Review: The Beautiful Disruption

  1. Wow! So I just saw your comment on my blog and clicked over to check out yours and here I see a post reviewing my book! What a lovely surprise. Thank you so much for your kind words and taking the time to read my book. Oh and your review! I welcome all feedback, but oh my goodness, does it feel good when I can tell that someone really got it and was inspired in some way. Amazing feeling. Thank you for honoring me with such a thoughtful review! Sending you love and gratitude! xoxo


    • Thanks for the love GG! I often read your encouraging and inspiring posts via Curly Nikki and was ecstatic when I discovered that you’d also published books. As you can tell from my review, The Beautiful Disruption: A Soul Story spoke to me. Keep up the great work! (((Hugs))))


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