You Know You’re a Writer When….

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Writers are peculiar people. This is a commonly known fact. But how do you know when you’re strange because you’re a writer, or when you’re just plain strange? Allow me to help you out.

You know you’re a writer when…

You can’t watch any movie based on a book without announcing to anyone that will listen that, “The book was so much better!”

You happily spend hours reading books or blogs about writing, then complain that you never seem to have enough time to write.

You automatically think of writing whenever anyone even mentions the word passion, because what else could they possibly be talking about?

You can easily spend hours staring off into space and then retire for bed thinking, “There’s nothing like a hard days work.”

You get an absurd amount of pleasure when you spell check a document and see the “No Errors Found” message.

You’ve practiced your special book signing signature a hundred times, then pretend to act surprised every time a reader asks you to sign their copy of your book.

Google is your absolute best friend. Literally.

You just took a moment to think about whether I used the word ‘literally’ correctly.

You spend hours surfing the web aimlessly and call it researching.

You’ve been interviewed by Oprah. It may have only been in your head, but you were absolutely brilliant.

You have to make a conscious effort not to mentally edit any book that you read.

You’ve wondered if any of your works will be published posthumously.

You know what posthumously means.

Your favorite pastime at any event is finding a good spot to observe everything that’s occurring without being noticed. This causes enormous anxiety when the event at hand is about YOU.

You’ve mastered the art of balancing the fine line between intense observation and downright stalking.

At the lowest moments in your life, no matter how tragic, in the back of your mind you’re thinking, “This is going to make for some really good writing material.”

You’re asked to describe someone and after stating their eye color, approximate height and weight, etc. you can’t help but to add something like, “She walked hesitantly, almost as if she expected disaster to pounce on her with each step.” Yeah, that helps.

You’ve questioned your sanity, mostly because you DO hear voices and they DO tell you what to do. No matter that they’re characters in your latest work in progress.

Solitude is your preferred state of being, and you find people who thrive in the presence of others truly baffling.

You use words like baffling.

You’ve laughed and nodded your head after reading at least one of the things on this list.

You’re going to share this list on one of your social media platforms, because others need to know. Maybe then they won’t look at you so strangely all the time.

I’m embracing the strange habits that come along with being a writer, what about you? Tell me about your unusual writer characteristics below!

Photo credit: mrkmobilephoto / Foter / Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic (CC BY-SA 2.0)








5 thoughts on “You Know You’re a Writer When….

  1. Laughed and nodded my head to pretty much all of these!! Nailed it! ^_^ (Sent to my Twitter network too!)


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