Poet’s Corner Cafe: “The Brightness of Your Light”

Welcome! Grab a cup of coffee and make yourself comfortable. Mother’s Day is just around the corner and I hope you enjoy this poem about the beautiful relationship that mothers and daughters share. Don’t forget, if you’re a poet and you want to rock the mic in Poet’s Corner Cafe, click the CONTACT button up top. I’d love to help share your art with the world!

Mother daughter

The Brightness of Your Light

Your light shines so bright

I am astounded by your beauty

Each chrism of glass holds a reflection of the very best parts of me

It is no wonder that I couldn’t see all of you clearly

I’ve been deceived by dancing shadows and the trickery of subtly changing seasons

As a mother it is my preemptive duty to protect you from outside danger

To instinctually keep at bay the lurking circle of predators and thieves

I thought I did that

How could I be expected to see the threat that lived inside of you?

I was blinded by my clairvoyant vision of your future

I did not see the hurt buried so deep that it imploded and exploded inside of you

I’m sorry

But you didn’t tell me either

I know you’re sorry too

Your future is still waiting

I will get you there

I will push you and pay in blood and sweat

And yes even tears to get you there

I will pull you until my limbs stretch farther than they were ever meant to go

We will broaden your scope of sight

You will be brave

We will travel back in time to arrive at your future

We will defy nature and return to a suspended space

When I breathed for you

When you gained nourishment from my body

When my heart beat set the rhythm for your first fluttering of life

And you will be born anew

My promises are true

I will get you to your future

And then I will continue to bask

In the brightness of your light

Photo credit: Rudy (New Routes) / Foter / Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 2.0 Generic (CC BY-ND 2.0)


5 thoughts on “Poet’s Corner Cafe: “The Brightness of Your Light”

      • Mother/daughter relationships are very special. Not only did we come from our mother’s bodies but we are also of the same sex. My mother is no longer alive but Mother’s Day is still a tribute to her and the gratitude I wish I had expressed more while she was living. As daughters, we sometimes tend to take our mothers for granted and forget that they too are humans with their own problems , desires, plans and emotion.
        Have a very glorious Mother’s Day, Faith.


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