Guest Blogger: Grace Linton of ‘Just Some Important Words’!

I’m thrilled to have the fabulous poet Grace Linton sharing some of her poignant words with us today! Check out her blog ‘Just Some Important Words’ for more awesome poetry.


Love and Loss

She stood in the cold waiting
As usual, for her mother to open the door
Awaiting her smile and greeting
When she noticed blood on the floor

In absolute fear, she searched for her key
Opened the door and rushed in
Dreading what she would see
Yet not letting the fear win

She couldn’t think of them in their last moments, pleading
Smothering her feelings, she climbed the stairs… and froze.
For before her lay her mother, bleeding
Few inches away from her father- adding to her woes

She stood there, with a fixed gaze
The people she loved the most, murdered
Everything seemed in a haze
As to despair, she surrendered

She shook them, carelessly
Knowing her attempts were in vain
Ended up crying her heart out hopelessly
She couldn’t bear the pain

Even after several years, she couldn’t love again
She saw the murderer dead
But, she couldn’t ward off the pain
Or help herself when she’d be hopelessly sad

She learned the meaning of loss and love
As a part of her died that day
Every day she searched them up above
And, for them she would pray

-Grace Linton

Faith Simone says: Did anyone else get chills? Talk about painting a vivid picture with words! Tell us what you think below.


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