Flash Fiction Friday: “A Kiss on the Hand”


There is something significantly intimate about a kiss on the hand. It is a gesture that is either completely humble and without guile or a show meant to seem as such.  A sincere kiss on the hand should speak directly to the heart of the receiver. But, as with most matters of the heart, it is usually not until well after the occurrence that the intent of the giver is known and understood.

Ok, so I’m feeling a little Jane Austen about this little piece of flash. Yep, I just compared myself to a literary giant. Don’t agree? ‘Check me’ in the comments below, lol!

Photo credit: FotoRita [Allstar maniac] / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND


3 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Friday: “A Kiss on the Hand”

  1. My wife will kiss me on the hand…when she has it in her’s. And it’s okay to mention your name and a literary great in the same sentence. Just don’t go taking their name on yet…we like you and your work the way things are now…growing! 🙂


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