Book Cover Reveal: “Voices from the Block”

Yay, I’m so excited! I just received the final cover of the anthology I’m publishing with The Writer’s Block Inc (my Dallas based writing group). It couldn’t have come at a better time because I’m having a ‘blah’ day: started with a migraine, then my car battery died, etc. But this more than makes up for that.  Soooooo, without further adieu, here is the cover for “Voices from the Block: A Legacy of African-American Literature”.

small changes Feb13

Book Description

A collection of unforgettable short stories, poems and essays from emerging and established writers, members of the Writer’s Block. These original works are guaranteed to stroke your heart, mind and soul as they reveal in written form the very essence of life. Prepare to read about the ups and downs of marriage, the emotional trauma of being without child, the questionable mental state of writers, the regrets of murderous decisions, mother-daughter life patterns, and so much more. By selecting and reading this offering, you’ve made a decision to laugh, learn, cry; to be offended and soothed; in summary, to scale the range of light and dark emotions. So sit back, get comfortable, and enjoy the experience.

You’ll be able to purchase the book in the not so distant future! 


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