Weekend Re-Cap: “About Last Night”

about last night

I hope you all had a fabulous Valentine’s Day weekend! I started off by first catching up on all of my ratchet television favorites: “Being Mary Jane”, “Braxton Family Values” and “Keeping Up With the Kardashians”. Yeah, I went in. On Saturday I took my sister out on a classic date: dinner and a movie. We had to go check out Kevin Hart in “About Last Night”. Overall, I enjoyed the movie. However, I was a little disturbed by all of the (unnecessary) sexual innuendo. I remember a day when romantic comedies were far from crass and a lot of the physical aspects were implied rather than displayed. At any rate, Kevin Hart was hilarious as usual. I was pleasantly surprised by Regina Hall’s comedic timing and delivery. Who knew she was so funny? Michael Ealy and Joy Bryant carried the story forward with superb dramatic flair. I think it’s worth going to see; just don’t go with your mother!

On another note, I’ve been really slacking on my writing. It’s time to start my second novel, and while I’m continuously playing scenes out in my head, I have yet to pound it out on the keyboard. So this coming weekend I plan to hole up at home and get down to the business of  starting that first crappy draft.

How was your weekend? Get any writing done in between romantic rendezvous?



4 thoughts on “Weekend Re-Cap: “About Last Night”

  1. Lovely weekend. No time for writing.

    But I do try to confine my writing to weekdays, mostly. I need boundaries, to not let it take over and consume me. Writing is very important to me, but not THE MOST important thing.


    • I know what you mean Tracy. It’s easy to get so caught up in writing that we forget to actually LIVE. But I do need to get on a schedule and stick to it. I tell myself that discipline is key. It’s one of the reasons I blog: there’s nothing like accountability to keep you on your toes. Thanks for stopping by!


      • Learning discipline is a process of developing our process, I think. Blogging has definitely helped me, too. As long as I don’t let it take over my life (which I’m prone to doing with writing, because I love writing and never run out of ideas to develop).I like that word accountability. Being accountable to those with whom I have close relationships, and being accountable to myself regarding my health/wellness, is what helps me stick to something of a schedule. (But I have to admit, it’s a rather fluid schedule; and I’m not always entirely stuck to it).


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