Flash Fiction Friday: “Love Is A Gentleman”

It’s that time again: Flash Fiction Friday. Today is special of course, because it’s Valentine’s Day. I hope you’re enjoying it, whether you have a special Valentine or not. To celebrate I’ve decided to share a small excerpt from my soon to be released novel (fingers crossed). Hope it speaks to you!

KissThe first time you fall in love it hits you hard. It knocks you off of your feet, and your world out of whack. It’s confusing, and wonderful, jarring and shocking. You never see it coming. But even if you did, you wouldn’t recognize it, because you’ve never seen it before, so you have nothing to compare it to. It is exciting and scary, full of heart pounding highs and soul crushing lows. It is everything and nothing.

It is the sweetest thing I’ve ever known.

From then on, love will never come up on you like that again. From then on, you will smell it coming from miles away. You are sensitive to it. Instinctually, you know when the possibility of love exists between you and the other person. You can feel it hovering above you, an almost tangible entity. It comes softly, bringing with it familiar bittersweet sensations. It is not demanding or intruding.

Any love after the first love is a gentleman. He knocks, seeking permission to enter. This kind of love is special, endowing you with power. This is the love you get to choose, with your eyes wide open, knowing the risks and embracing the possibilities. This love is beautiful in its maturity, honorable in its dignity. This love asks permission.

It is the most powerful thing I could ever hope to know.

Ahh, sweet love is in the air! Have any special plans for Valentine’s Day? Dish about them below!

Photo credit: Www.CourtneyCarmody.com/ / Foter / CC BY-SA


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