Flash Fiction Friday: “Second Wind”


Sometimes I choose to stay with you because I don’t feel like telling my stories all over again. The effort required to trust someone else seems beyond me. And who’s to say that, even if I did manage to share my stories with someone else, he and I would ever reach the place of intimacy you and I have built? There’s no guarantee that my stories will mingle with his the way they have with yours to frame new pictures in our minds; that somehow sharing them with him will make the harsh memories softer around the edges and bring the good memories into razor-sharp focus, the way they seem to with you. So I stay. I stay and I wonder and I choose not to take a gamble on the man in the cubicle next to mine, or the intellectual looking guy at the coffee shop. All my bets are on you. I need you to make it worth my while. I need you to want to create new stories with me that are ours alone. I need you to return to being the man that earned my trust in the first place. I need you… I’ve already given you the best parts of me. Don’t make me give you the worst parts too. Right now, I’m too tired to start over with someone else…but everyone gets a second wind at some point. So, remember my stories for me. Make it easier for me to stay.

Are you a flash fiction writer? Share a piece of you work below!

Photo credit: martinak15 / Foter / CC BY


2 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Friday: “Second Wind”

  1. The forgotten thoughts of yesterday have a way of sneaking up on you when you least expect it. They lay claim over your present moments until you almost feel a suffocating shadow begin to overwhelm you. A hiccup starts the steady stream that inevitably comes. All this from a memory. But why? Freedom was claimed. A new birth was realized. Hope was grasped. And yet a taste of the forbidden – one drink, one bite, one touch, one heart – acted as the trigger. The haunting begins. I am lost.

    (I saw this rather late this evening, but I decided to give it a try. Thanks, it was fun.)


    • Wow Kim, what a poetic response! My favorite part is ” Freedom was claimed. A new birth was realized. Hope was grasped. And yet a taste of the forbidden-” So much was described in those few words: breaking free from an unhealthy relationship, re-inventing yourself, believing in a better future. But the past calls, and you’re tempted to answer. Thanks for sharing your talent!


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