10 Ways to Go Red for Women by Go Red for Women

While this has nothing to do with writing, it is close to my heart. Go Red!

Patricia Ann Bridewell

Go Red for Women -  American Heart Associationin the United States. This is also the 10th anniversary of Go Red for Women an organization that addresses heart wellness and women. To commemorate their anniversary and Heart Month, here are 10 Ways to Go Red as stated on their site.

1. Know Your Heart Score

Learn why it’s important to know your heart score on Go Red. Think you are eating right and getting enough exercise? It takes five minutes to make sure. Take the My Life Check and find out where you stand. You can also take the Go Red Heart CheckUp to get more tailored advice and information to improve your heart health.

2. Live Healthy

Learn new ways to prevent heart disease with heart-healthy recipesexercises and more on Go Red For Women. Our team of cardiologists, medical and fitness experts and nutritionists offer their advice to women like you for living a healthy lifestyle.

3. Know…

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