Poet’s Corner Cafe: J. Mahogany

I’ve decided to feature poets here on Faith Simone. I want it feel like we’re all sitting back on comfortable overstuffed couches and chairs, sipping cappuccinos and snapping our fingers as poetic artists speak truths we can relate to. So welcome to the first installment of Poet’s Corner Cafe.

J. MahoganyThis week features my friend J. Mahogany who says poetry is how she expresses her passion and feelings.






What My Heart Is After

I realize that for everything
There is a time and season.
I, however, am enamored with whatever season brings you my way.
I wish I were a lucky girl in love
Wish I had someone to call my own…
I wish it could be you –
And me together.
But for everything
There is a time and season.

The foundation I am looking to build
Is not on sand and sticks.
It’s not in between my thighs
Or in between the sheets.
It’s found in the strength of our friendship
In the echo of your laughter
The curve of your smile
The twinkle in your eyes when you look at me.
The wishes I’ve made for you all my life
Upon stars in the sky…
It’s between our lips,
In our hello’s and good-byes.
I look to build a strong future with someone like you if it cannot be you….

But surely you know I exist!
You know these feelings I harbor are not surreal.
They are very much tangible
And I beckon your curiosity to seek forever with me.
If this truly is where you want to be.

I’ll wait for you.
I’ll cherish the very best of me
To give to you so freely
If it be my heart you’re after.
I’ll wait patiently
For you.

Snapping my fingers and nodding my head! What about you? Did these words speak to you? Let us know in the comments below!


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