Book Review: “Boaz Brown” by Michelle Stimpson

Boaz Brown

Boaz Brown by Michelle Stimpson

Book Description (via Amazon):

#1 Amazon Bestseller African-American Christian Fiction!

LaShondra has done the work on herself first. She’s gotten her education and, more importantly, developed a strong relationship with Christ. Now, she’s ready for a man–but not just any man. She wants a Boaz, a godly man…who’s gainfully employed…and it wouldn’t hurt if he looked good, too. God answers with three out of three, but there’s a twist: her perfect man, Stelson Brown, isn’t African-American.

While LaShondra’s parents are happy about her professional success, they’re chomping at the bit for her to get married. Her father (who wouldn’t even let her bring her white friends home from school) and her mother (who gets word about the white man through the church folk grapevine) will have more than a few words for her when they find out–if LaShondra ever gets around
to telling her family and friends about Stelson.

The racial climate at LaShondra’s job isn’t helping the situation. LaShondra suspects that the principal is buffering grades for certain students. Can she keep her integrity while keeping her job as vice principal?

Boaz Brown is the first novel of bestselling novelist Michelle Stimpson. In essence, it launched her career as a writer and is still one of her best-loved works.

My Review:

It’s no wonder that Boaz Brown got stellar reviews on both Amazon and Goodreads, and is STILL a best seller almost a decade after its original publication date. Inspirational fiction is a tricky niche to navigate, but Michelle Stimpson does it with style. Racial tensions abound, but I never felt as though this was a heavy read.  Subtle humor is generously sprinkled throughout the novel, allowing a needed break from the exploration of some very deep issues. You will see yourself and people you know in each of the characters featured in Boaz Brown. Any fan of Christian themed literature will enjoy this modern-day take on one of the most romantic stories in the old testament of the Bible. I laughed, I contemplated, I prayed and contemplated some more. I love reading books that leave me with a contented sigh upon reading the last sentence. Boaz Brown did just that.

Preview Boaz Brown via Amazon here.

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This book was not sent to me by a publishing house or other entity. 


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