Got To Find Her


I took an old familiar route one day

And I saw someone I hadn’t seen in a while

She looked so familiar

Yet there was something so different about her

I stared at her and figured she just had a new style


I went on about my business

But she lingered on my mind

Who was this girl that I knew from somewhere?

Some long ago day or time?

Anything lost can be found

So I made it my mission to make sure that

Her regular meeting places became a part of my rounds


I went by her boyfriend’s spot

He said she was long gone

Told me she mentioned something about finding herself and going back home

He handed me some things she’d

Left behind

I was surprised to discover that everything fit

Almost like they had once been mine


I went to the church and did not find her there

But it brought back a few amazing memories

She and I once shared


I racked my brain to think of places she used to go

For some reason it angered and frustrated me, that I did not know

Fearing that the battle might already be lost

I reluctantly headed home, vowing to find her at any cost


Sleep overtook me and I closed my eyes

Then I heard a still small voice say

‘She is still here; she only temporarily bought into the lies’

She traveled through my dreams that night

Holding hands with the Father of Light

Gently He restored my sight

Letting me see a path that is true and right


The morning sunlight shone upon my face

I jumped out of bed ready to continue

My search at a frantic pace


When I looked in the mirror

To my surprise

She was staring back at me…

I finally had my eye on the prize


Photo credit: ViaMoi / / CC BY-NC-ND

Like this poem? It, along with many more, will be featured in Voice’s from the Block: A Legacy of African-American” Literature to be released February 2014.



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