Second Sight

Have you ever been so in love with someone that you lose sight of yourself? Or been so in love that you can’t see the object of your affection for what they really are? Well, I can say yes to both of those questions and this poem is about my personal experience with love, the loss of love…then love again. Hope it speaks to you.

Second Sight

When it all began

I looked at him skeptically

Thinking could he be someone with purpose?

Created and divinely designed

Especially for me?

I looked in his eyes

And thought I saw a reflection of me

I saw ambition and goals coupled with integrity

I saw hope and desire

Along with the drive to reach

What I thought was our combined destiny

I believed I had finally found love’s sweet melody

I floated on the wind

And heard his name whispered in the breeze

I saw what I wanted to see

It was only a matter of time

Before it all began to unwind

And the view from my eyes

Started to lose its shine

But me being me

I stubbornly towed the line

Ignored the warnings

And decided that I would fight

For what I felt was mine

Love is patient

Love is kind

No where does it say that love

Requires you to lose your mind

However I lost mine for a minute

Which I guess is easy to do when you are trying so hard

To find… To find…

To find

Any sort of truth coming through his eyessearching-1_l

Like I said I saw what I wanted to see

I did not see the lies

Did not recognize the game

Until it was too late

I was already wrapped up

Drowned and covered in my own shame

It was in that moment

That he saw himself reflected in my eyes

And he had to look away

Because he couldn’t stand the sight

Love is patient

Love is kind

And there is someone who walked the earth

To find…to find…

To find…me

Someone that whispers

Late into the night

Oh so quietly

I’ve been waiting for you

Sweet child love of my life

He showed me what I did not deserve

What I felt couldn’t be right

I saw myself reflected in His eyes

And I looked away because I couldn’t stand the sight

But everywhere I turned he was there with His grace

Telling me that His banner over me is love

And then He wiped the tears from my face

He covered my shame and my pain with His blood

Picked me up and set me in my rightful place

So now I see this love thing

Without any compromise

Reflected through His eyes

And I can’t look away

Because it is such a beautiful sight.

Did the poem above speak to you? I’d love to hear about it. Feel free to leave a comment below! 

Photo credit: kevin dooley / / CC BY


4 thoughts on “Second Sight

  1. I’ve been blindly in love before and as it was unrequited in almost everyway, apart from those teasing moments that quite frankly may or may not have happened. He finally broke my heart, which I really wanted him to do because it was the only way I was ever going to get over him, then and only then did I really see that he wasn’t actaully a very nice person. I honestly don’t know what I saw in the first place, but I guess when you’re seventeen you don’t really think as clearly as you do later on. Or at least I think clearer now. Perhaps I was able to learn young.


  2. Touching and true. If we focused more on the love of the heavenly One who has given us everything, he would also give us the earthly love we crave. You are blessed with a talent.


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