NaNoWriMo-Get It Done!


It’s National Novel Writing Month and I’m just a tad bit late in spreading the word. But hey, better late than never.  NaNoWriMo is a world-wide phenomenon. The goal of this organization is to help writers pen a novel from November 1st to the 30th. Sounds daunting right? Well, they have more than enough enthusiasm, resources and community support to get you started.

At least 50,000 words is the minimum goal and a fully completed rough draft of an entire novel is the ultimate goal. To participate all you need to do is visit and sign up for the challenge. Confirm your registration via e-mail and voilà! You are officially apart of a ginormous community of writers all frantically racing to complete a novel in 30 days.

NaNoWriMo offers plenty of perks to help writers complete the challenge. Forums offer topics such as plot assistance,  characterization, basic grammar, and even one called Adoption Station in which writer’s are encouraged to pick up abandoned plots or titles left behind by other writers. For those that like to get out from behind their computer and connect with human beings every once in a while, NaNoWriMo can provide you with local events in your home region via a local Municipal Liaison.If I waited

Now that I’ve tooted their horn enough, I will say that there are some parts of NaNoWriMo that give me pause. There are of course ‘prizes’ for writers that complete the challenge. You can check those out here. Most of them are discounts on independent publishing offers. This can be a good thing if you are already planning to self-publish. But if you weren’t, don’t let all of the glitz and glam pull you into something you’re not ready for.

All and all, I count NaNoWriMo as another great writing motivation tool. If you’ve been putting off writing that novel for a while, this could be just the kick in the pants and community support you need to get it done. If you’re still a little skeptical check out these pep talks here from previous participants, including New York Times bestselling author James Patterson.

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